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Thank you for visiting!  It is with gratitude that I want to share with you the thought behind HonorTheChef...

I started this company in 2019 on a whim when a friend from the Bay Area referred me to a friend of hers in the Berkshires for a wedding dinner.  I had been living between NYC and California preparing specialty diets for high-profile private clientele, traveling coast to coast.  Since then, I have been incredibly lucky to cater various celebrations for wonderful clients, including weddings and holidays, while continuing to travel and learn from other fellow creatives and thoughtful friends.


Some of my favorite past experiences included my position as sous chef for The Wild Thyme Co. in San Diego, CA where I had freedom to play with colorful aesthetics and a bounty of flavor, as well as cooking both privately and corporately for Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen, and The Amen Clinics. 


Gifted with opportunity to learn the science of healthful ingredients and their benefits, I implemented this knowledge into recipe creation, events, and menus for features in television shows such as "Memory Rescue", various social media platforms, and in co-creating digital cookbooks including "Cooking for BRIGHT MINDS" and "Healing ADD Through Food".  I have shared this experience with others by cooking for clients in need of options to feed family members with autoimmune and neuropsych challenges, often celebrating holidays and special occasions, including weddings, with completely dietary-friendly spreads.

HonorTheChef is about Honoring Community by sharing a table with other chefs and small businesses, Honoring Staff by uplifting the crew and showing them appreciation for their work, and Honoring Clients and Guests by providing a thoughtful, healthful, flavorful menu and jovial service.   


I love creating a table that is beautiful and bountiful, knowing that every flavorful dish has been mindfully prepared with wonderful ingredients for you and your guests, which every"body" can enjoy.      


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Thank you!

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